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Dr. Zeuss and the blue whos was formed in 1991 for the purpose of performing honest roots music with energy and enthusiasm. Two decades later, that still hasn't changed. Some would argue, neither has their paycheque. But that's another story.

The band is comprised of seven members, each of them a professional musician with decades of experience. Prior to Dr. Zeuss, many of them had worked together before in top Western Canadian bands, including GUY JONES, ADVENTURES in PARADISE, ROBERT BURTON, ECHO ECHO, and AXFORD. Most of the players are multi-instrumentalists with proficiency in a variety of ever-expanding musical styles.


That being said, there are really only three things that matter when they play together:


1: Have fun.

2: Wear clean underwear.

3: Don't break anything.


Alas, as the inimitable Meatloaf once sang, "Two outta three ain't bad."